Fall is in the air

After a long, hot, smoky summer we finally have clear skies and crisp mornings. We have been very fortunate to not have been hurt by the wildfires burning throughout the region, other than loss of business from all of the highway closures, evacuation orders and alerts.  That all seems to be in the past now, the orders have been lifted for the communities along highway 20, and the highway is fully open again in both directions. It looks like beautiful early fall fishing conditions, as usual for September. We have been housing/feeding helicopter crew here, and are now looking forward to seeing our regular September guests again. Happy Fishing!

The season is under way

Ice off was May 5th this year. It went very quickly that week. The season started out with the Nimpo to Anahim Lake Canoe race, May 13th,  along the Dean River, complete with several portages and icy cold water! The challenge was won by Richard and Leah Simon, the owners of the Nimpo Lake General Store.   DSCN0373   There was a Fishing Derby over the May Long weekend, which was well attended and followed by a dance at the community hall. Our long-time, early bird guest, Helmut, is here again fly fishing in his favorite spot. DSCN0350 We are busy finishing up renovations on the Hilltop cabin, which will be done by June 1st. When it is done I will post the photos here. We are also having the front yard (the hill in front of the main building) landscaped. There is a machine out there now, with a talented operator, doing wonders moving around large boulders and soil. We are widening the turn around by the Pioneer cabin and boat launch, creating rock gardens and raised beds, and a fire pit area.  

Spring is coming…. slowly

It is a slow start to spring this year. At this time last year the lake was open and boats were in the water. This year the lake is still frozen over, just starting to open up at the creeks and rivers, but still a few weeks away until ice off.  Some of the birds have returned and are wonderful to listen to. Our opening date will depend on ice off, hopefully mid May.    

Take Home More Fish!

The fishing limit for Rainbow Trout on Nimpo Lake has been increased to 8 per day, per person, take home 16 per person (two days worth). Happy Fishing in 2017, now you can stay out longer and take home a few more.

Almost Spring

We are looking forward to returning to the lake to get started on our spring projects. This May we plan to update the Hilltop cabin with new flooring; a new shower, new kitchen cabinets, counters, cooktop, and fridge. This will give the cabin a more modern, fresher look. Our exterior project is landscaping. We will be terracing the front yard hill that goes down towards the dock, adding flower beds and a fire-pit patio with a pergola near the lakeshore. We hope to have these projects completed by early June, and then we will move on to some smaller maintenance items around the resort. We have been accepting reservations through the winter and things are filling up so we expect another busy summer season.

Season’s End

We have had a great season and are starting to wind down, closing one cabin at a time, putting boats away, and winterizing. We have the firewood all stacked for the winter.  Thank you to all of our guests for another wonderful summer.  Our final day will be October 5th, and after that we will still be tidying up, and getting everything put to bed. Look for future posts about our opening date next spring, and next year's cabin upgrade projects.