Nimpo Lake Resort History

Nimpo Lake Resort was built by Bob Leith in 1956. The 80-acre parcel had formerly been a ranch with sheep, horses and cattle. Prior to that, it was the site of a Native war camp which included a long-house. One can still find arrowheads and artifacts buried in the soil. In 1969 Mary Kirner purchased the then 80-acre parcel from Bob Leith. Along with her husband, 3 children, 3 cats and a dog, she left the Fraser Valley and headed to her their new wilderness home. Mary and her family lived in spartan conditions, with no electricity or running water, and only wood heat in an un-insulated shack, until they built their new home in 1971. Mary cut her own trees down, bucked them up, hauled them to her home and chopped them with the axe in preparation for the cold winter months. Electricity was not brought in until 1981! Mary ran Nimpo Lake Resort (a true labour of love) from 1969-2009 She lived on the property until her death in May, 2020. In the fall of 2009 Ron Ashley and Kerry Jacox purchased the resort from Mary Kirner. Ron was about to retire from a 30 yr career with Victoria Fire Dept. Ron and Kerry made many upgrades and improvements between 2010 and 2021 including installing a new water treatment system, landscaping, renovating two cabins, adding patios, improving the comfort and amenities in the cabins, and adding several recreational water craft for guests to enjoy. They have renovated the main residence and installed a propane furnace, since the house had previously been only wood-heated.  Both enjoy meeting guests from all over the world, and helping people experience the region.